Posted by Janet Dorward on Sep 16, 2009
Despite the weather, Rotarians of all ages enjoyed lending a hand to freshen up the Rotary Senior's Housing Complex
Multi-directional rain and wind was braved to scrub it down from top to bottom. The turnout was fantastic - The Masales including Austrian exchange student Christoph, Ana Estrada, the Olesens, Sandra Boyd, Andrea McLaughlin, Bill Milligan, George Clarke, Maria Krekovic, Dave Porter, Donna Gault, Kim and Brooklyn Bull, Rick Milligan, Gene Cadwallader, and the Dunlops scrubbed everything down. Overhead, Dale Dorward scaled the slippery sloped roof to ensure every nook and cranny was clean while yours truly played photographer. After their hard work, everyone was fed with Rick Milligan at the barbecue serving delicious Stampede burgers with sides of Rotarian inspired salads while Reagan Dunlop served coffee and hot chocolate. Donna Gault ensured all the residents enjoyed the barbecue too. Plates of burgers and fresh salads were personally delivered to happy residents who were staying in during the late summer storm.